History of DJO-D

DJO-D means De Jonge Onderzoekers Delft, wich in turn translates to The Young Scientists.

De Jonge Onderzoeker (The Young Scientists) used to be a television show made by the VARA in 1967. It featured a competition element and covered a wide range of science and technology.

While the show was aired multiple branches opened in different citys, in 1984 a new branch was opened in Delft, at the time as an addition to the TTC (Technical Exhibition Centre). DJO-D used to be located in the basement below the depot. In 1993 the TTC changed its name to Techniek Museum Delft.

In 2005, the depot was moved so DJO-D had to move too. DJO-D then found hospitality in the building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI). In 2011 a new use was found for the wing that DJO-D was located in and so DJO-D had to move again. On the initiative of the Science Centre Delft, the successor of the Technical Museum, we moved (december 2011) to a room in the basement of the Science Centre.